About our Writers’ Retreat One-to One Mentoring…

“I will always treasure the time spent with Mary Ann and the little cottage I rented on Folly Beach. It was both an escape and a rescue. I was able to fully focus on my writing and work through a particularly difficult chapter of my novel – a hurdle that had to be crossed before I moved on. I left with 7 chapters and 42 pages! I am thrilled. And best yet, I am over the hurdle. Mary Ann’s insights were extremely valuable in keeping me on track with the story and the characters. I look forward  to returning.”
– Tina S.
“I showed up with a lifetime of research stored in file boxes and a rough draft of my first chapter. Working with Mary Ann, I completed three chapters and a chapter outline in a week’s time.  I’m now in the home stretch with a publisher waiting for the manuscript.  I’ve worked with Mary Ann online but nothing beats Folly Beach. It’s a nurturing place for a writer.”
– Salli G.
“To arrive with one vague story start and leave with a polished draft of a short story, a better understanding of the process, and a renewed confidence in my writing abilities, is my idea of a successful week. Mary Ann Henry was impressive with her insight and dedication to my work. And to stay on Folly Island, was a wonderful way to nurture my writing. I look forward to returning.”
– Patricia C.
“I’m a small plane commercial pilot and have very little time. I read about the retreat and drove up from Savannah for only 2 days. Sitting in the courtyard of the cottage I rented discussing my book with Mary Ann brought the plot into focus, and more, made it real. I left feeling pumped up about my novel. And feeling like a real writer.
– Conor K.

About Our Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction Workshops….

  “Thank You for the best weekend.  Short Story Boot Camp was fantastic. I loved every minute of it and learned so much. Now, instead  of telling a story about my characters, they can tell their own story. Conflict is a good thing!!! –  Linda C. “I attended the Finding Your Voice writing retreat a year ago in November.  I just mailed off my manuscript last week!!!  I worked hard, did lots of re-writes and editing, and now, I will wait to hear if the publishers are interested.   If not, I am all right with it – just completing this process has been uplifting.   I thank you again, Mary Ann, for helping me get my ideas out of my brain and on to paper.   I hope to be able to mail my book to you one day.
 – Lynda T.
“I came across the beginners writers retreat in the Ladies Home Journal, and was so glad I did. The Finding Your Voice workshop was grand! Mary Ann Henry is the most delightful woman, warm, compassionate, funny, bright, attentive, kind but honest, and I after 3 days infused with enthusiasm for writing. On a more personal level, I feel like I have undergone a beach renourishment program. My soul is filled to the brim with good feelings about myself, something that was very lacking on the drive to the workshop. There has been a dramatic paradigm shift in my thinking about myself:  the ambiance of Folly Beach itself, and the warmth and camaraderie of the 7 people that comprised our group. I left there with a new set of close friends, people I have been on an incredible journey with. I highly recommend this retreat to all beginning writers – it will fire you up with that zeal to land a spot on the New York Times Bestseller list!
 – Jane B- L
“Mary Ann zeroed straight into the essence of my short stories. I have always been a very intuitive writer and my ceaseless reworkings have also come from that same semi-conscious place. As such, the work never quite made the grade in my eyes. Without much ado, Mary Ann was able to pinpoint the missing links and through her thoughtful, precise, constructive critiquing, she communicated them to me in such a way that I came away with a brand new understanding of what was lacking and what I’d need to do to about it. Almost immediately, I began to recognize the use of my new-found tools in the writings of a host of wonderful authors, which really illustrated their effectiveness. I will always be grateful to Mary Ann for turning on that light in my brain that had been asleep for far too long and I am excited to approach my work in this new, more conscious manner. I shall never forget these lessons. Thank you, Mary Ann!”
–  Milena K.
“I wanted to write to you and express my my sincerest thanks and gratitude for such a wonderful , insightful and challenging weekend.  I have been at a  crossroad with the direction of my life and am so happy that I chose your workshop as my first step off the curb. And I am now able to make the changes and move forward.”
– Kate De L

About our Writing is Good for the Soul Workshops…

“I’m a journalist by trade and I never write poetry but I was surprised by how much poetry came roaring forth. I re-read some of my writing at the end of the day and I wondered who wrote it! It felt really good.”
-Will B.
“I’ve had trouble writing from the heart. I get caught up in expectations and I keep second-guessing myself. But during the workshop, I just let it rip. And the writing showed that new level of confidence. I’ve been happy ever since.”
– Sandy M.
“The time for each exercise was great. Good pace to the day and nice give and take between Mary Ann and the participants. The workshop far surpassed my expectations. I was surprised at how much of my writing I shared and it was healing for me to do so.”
– John C.
“Some of my writing I have since re-read and I’ve wondered what person, who obviously had keener insight to my inner life than I do, took over my body and wrote in my class journal. It was especially exciting to write as a process of self-discovery within a community.”
– Miranda H.
“Mary Ann generously and skillfully provided the safety net and the setting required to deal with potentially volatile interior material. Her courage to offer such an opportunity was great. I believe everyone there was able to witness concrete examples of the transformative power of writing.”
– Sharon C.